TSS Haemmerlin Chute

TSS Haemmerlin Chute

Ideal for rubbish disposal, these chutes are made for roofers and refurbishment professionals.
Length 1,10 m – Length Usable 0,85 m – Overall width 0,62 m
Injection-molded using a top-quality polypropylene copolymer to produce a light, strong, and shock-resistant product.
Inner ribbing for additional strength. Reinforcement of the wear zones and the upper edge.
Reinforced fixing system with safety mechanism (exclusive to Haemmerlin). Resistance of the chains: 1000 kg/chain.
Light and handy rubbish chutes, easy to set up and transport (stackable).
Weight: 6,7 kg

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The TSS Rubi chute construction fixing support for debris downspouts is the initial anchoring piece for any downpipe column and allows it to be attached to the slab work, both horizontally and vertically (window or balcony), in a faster, safer and more comfortable way. Initial piece for anchoring the downspout column.

  • Injection moulded using top quality High Density Polyethylene
  • Reduces accidents and provides safe working environment for staff, workers and visitors
  • Easily assembled as well as dismantled
  • Keeps dust and noise level to the minimal
  • User friendly
  • Robust materials and Impact resistant
  • Light weight and UV resistant
  • Reusable for your next project
  • Easily stored and transported Minimizes Wear & Tear
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