TSS offer a number of Rescue Kits along with Training from various manufacturers and are able to offer the most suitable and economical solution for each application. Our rescue kits have many features which our customers rely on:

  • Having no-cut kit. The casualty is raised to release their original attachment.
  • Rescue direction. You can raise or lower the casualty with this kit.
  • Pre-Assembled. No assembly is required by user.
  • Evacuation direction. The user can descend to safety at a constant rate controlled by the device.
  • Two person use. The Gotcha CRD is rated for loads up to 225kg.
  • Multiple evacuation. Once the first user has safely descended the system can be used by additional users in quick succession.
  • Lone evacuation. A single person can descent to safety.
  • Assisted rescue. The rescuer accesses the casualty in order to recover them.

You can find different types of our rescue kits here:

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Gotcha 2 rescue kit 50mOut of stock

Gotcha 2 Rescue Kit 50

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GOTCHA Rescue KitOut of stock

Gotcha Rescue Kit 100

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