TSS offer a number of Rescue Kits along with Training from various manufacturers and are able to offer the most suitable and economical solution for each application. Our rescue kits have many features which our customers rely on:

  • Having no-cut kit. The casualty is raised to release their original attachment.
  • Rescue direction. You can raise or lower the casualty with this kit.
  • Pre-Assembled. No assembly is required by user.
  • Evacuation direction. The user can descend to safety at a constant rate controlled by the device.
  • Two person use. The Gotcha CRD is rated for loads up to 225kg.
  • Multiple evacuation. Once the first user has safely descended the system can be used by additional users in quick succession.
  • Lone evacuation. A single person can descent to safety.
  • Assisted rescue. The rescuer accesses the casualty in order to recover them.

You can find different types of our rescue kits here:

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Fall Protection Poly Steel Rope

100′ Kernmantle HLLw/Tensioner

1,800.00 AED

Length: 100 ft (30 m)
Article No: 04665
LifelineMaterial: Kermantle
Min Breaking Strength: 5 000 lbs 2 268 kg)
Max of users: 2
Weight: 7 25 kg( 60 ft), 8 73 100 ft)
Applicable Standard: ANSI Z 359 1 07 ANSI A 10 32 12 OSHA 1926 Subpart M, OSHA 1910

Personal Protective Equipment

82′ Temporary Rope HLL w/Tensioner

4,623.28 AED

82 Foot Temporary Rope HLL w/Tensioner


Length: 82 ft 25 m)
Article No: 30800
Lifeline Material: Polyester
Min. Breaking Strength: 5 000 lbs 2 268 kg)
Max# of users: 4
Weight: 9.1 kg
Applicable Standard: ANSI Z 359 1 07 ANSI A 10 32 12 OSHA 1926 Subpart M, OSHA 1910

Gotcha CRD rescue kit 100m

Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit 100m

6,000.00 AED
Controlled Rated Descent Remote Rescue Kit 100m
  • Automatic descender suitable for direct lowering with minimal input from the rescuer
  • Winch function enables lifting for short distances
  • No cut operation
  • For rescue and evacuation of multiple workers
GOTCHA Rescue Kit

Gotcha Rescue Kit 100

4,500.00 AED

GOTCHA Rescue Kit 100m Rope

Capacity in High Anchor Mode: Up to 51m
Capacity in Low Anchor Mode: Up to 39m

GOTCHA Rescue Kit

Gotcha Rescue Kit 200

5,000.00 AED

GOTCHA Rescue Kit 200m Rope

Capacity in High Anchor Mode: Up to 68m
Capacity in Low Anchor Mode: Up to 52m

Crane basket - lifting man baskeyLifting man basket (crane basket)

Lifting Man basket – 4 persons

8,000.00 AED

Lifting Man basket

4 persons

Man baskets, which you may also know as work platforms, construction cages, safety cages, or personnel baskets, are typically used on construction sites as a way of safely transporting workers. TSS has a wide range of safety productions for construction safety including man baskets. Man Baskets, commonly referred to as Personnel Baskets are available in many different sizes, capacities and types from TSS. They are personal protective equipment and a part of Fall Protection category.

Replacement AbsorbinatorOut of stock

Replacement Absorbinator

540.00 AED

TSS Replacement Absorbinator

The TSS Fall Protection Absorbinator Lifeline Kit is the ultimate in horizontal lifeline systems. The Absorbinator is an energy absorber, used in combination with two anchorage connectors, which functions to absorb and reduce impact forces resulting from the energy generated by a fall. This kit includes a variety of equipment configuration options, including cross arm straps, CB Anchors, column and ceiling mounting functionality, and more. The maximum length of any Absorbinator horizontal lifeline system is 100 ft (30m) 2 Absorbinators are required for any system between 60 (18m) to 100 feet in length each Absorbinator system is designed for use by up to 2 workers in Fall Arrest.

Adjustable horizontal lifeline (horizontal fall protection line). Fitted with loops with thimble at both endings. Rope length adjuster (tensioner) is made of galvanized steel. To be used for works requiring frequent mobility in the horizontal. Horizontal lifeline AE 300 complies with EN 795 (portable anchor points for fall protection equipment).
In order to connect horizontal anchor line AE 300 to safety harnesses, use an energy absorber with lanyard only. Rope tensioning wrench included.