TSS Rubbish Chutes are without doubt the most economical and safest way to move rubble and other site waste from higher storeys to containers at street level. Their resistance and ease of use mean that they can be utilized to great effect in any building work over several storeys. TSS Rubi chutes made of rubber are particularly recommendable for urban surroundings because of their capacity for noise absorption and dust reduction and containment.

You can check some of the features of TSS rubber chutes here:

• Optimal performance at low temperatures; highly resistant to -60° C.

• Excellent impact resistance.

• Restricts the falling speed of rubble.

• Reduced dust and noise.

• Made with 100% recycled materials.

• Very hard and robust components, equipped with extra-reinforced 7mm thick chains. DIN 763 standard.

• Ribbed interior protects against wear and tear.

• Built-in nylon reinforcement. Greater hardness and durability.

• Easy use. Fast and easy assembly. Equipped with quick-clip system

• Stackable; saving space in storage and transit.

• Wide range of accessories

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