Safety Nets-M45 x 5mm

33.78 AED

These Safety Nets are Suitable for:

1- Work positioning nets (walk-on nets)
2- Fall Safety applications used in accordance with BS 8411
3- Ceiling and lighting protection, Division nets in sport halls.
4- Ball stop and perimeter protection nets for football and Rugby.

Safety Nets Introduction

Safety nets protect workers on site by minimising the distance of fall as well as absorbing the energy of falls.
They prevent fatalities and serious accidents when working at height whilst providing freedom of movement and collective protection for the workers above as well as providing protection against falling objects for workers below.
In the majority of situations safety nets have advantages over other forms of fall arrest. Most Health & Safety Executives and Authorities regard nets as their “preferred method of fall arrest when working at height”.
Our safety nets comply with stringent European regulations and are annually tested in laboratories to ensure their compliance.

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  • Colour : Black ( For other colour contact office )
  • Density : 0.91
  • Border Rope : 14mm NYLON
  • Melting Point: 174º C
  • Standard : EN 1263-1
  • Guarantee : Double U.V. treatment
  • Average Wieght : 355 g/m2
  • Breaking Force : 3.1 kN

Additional information


Polypropylene high tenacity (PPHT) – knotless

Mesh Type


Mesh Size & Dia

M45 X 3mm




0.355 Kg


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